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Wayne Rostad - On The Road Again

Wayne Rostad, host of the popular CBC-TV show "On The Road
Again," visits every province and territory in the country to introduce
some of his guests.

Here among many others are:

  • Haddon Strong, of Chamberlains, Newfoundland, connoisseur
    and salesman of fine iceberg ice....

  • Jim and Gail Henry, of Sandspit, in the Queen Charlotte
    Islands, who won a million dollars in a lottery and kept right on
    running the town's garbage dump...

  • Jim Thompson, of High River, Alberta, who not only eats
    bugs, which prepares in a variety of tasty ways, but takes
    samples to the local schools...

  • Gil. Greg  and Clint - The "Flying MacBeths" - who skydive as
    a family ...

  • Lousie Brissette of St. Anselme, Quebec, who has adopted
    twenty-four children, all with sever disabilities, and created a
    home for them - even though she is a single parent ...

These people and the others Wayne Rostad writes about - with
interest, amusement, sympathy and affection - will delight fans of "On
The Road Again" and make fans of those who have never seen the
Wayne Rostad's
On the Road Again
On The Road Again - © Copyright by Wayne Rostad

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