Wayne Rostad's
Writer of Songs
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Writer of Songs was originally recorded and released in 1979.
That same year the album was nominated for a Juno award.

Fans unable to find the original record album asked for a re-release
and so in 2007,  RTP had the tracks re-mastered and the album
released as a CD.

The CD features some of Wayne's most popular songs...such as
Highway 11, Dollard Marlowe and Baby, Lady, Poet, and Writer of
Songs...all singles which were charted on Canadian radio in 1976,
1977 and 1978 respectively.

This new CD is a "must have" for all Wayne Rostad fans...and for
those who have not heard these Wayne Rostad classics...there's no
better time than now!
For DIGITAL DOWNLOADS of  Writer of Songs by
Wayne Rostad please click below.

Producers- Dallas Harms, Gary Buck
Recording Studios: MBS - Elmira
            RCA - Nashville
            Manta - Toronto
Digital Re-mastering- Joe Turner
Photography - Marquis Photographers
Graphic Design - Lucie Lavallee
Management - RTP Productions
Wayne Rostad's Writer of Songs
Wayne Rostad In Concert
Wayne in concert, the year of Writer of Songs release
Track 1: Willie Boy (4:20)
Track 2: Good Time Lady (2:05)
Track 3: The Year McLaren's Store Burned Down (4:09)
Track 4: Dollard Marlowe (2:53)
Track 5: Highway 11 (3:06)
Track 6: Baby, Lady, Poet and Writer of Songs (3:13)
Track 7: Ryan's BP Station (2:43)
Track 8: We Should Have Been Friends (4:07)
Track 9: Rideau Street Queen (3:56)
Track 10: Take Me As I Am (3:10)